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Saturday, December 27, 2008

22/27-12-2008 讀報 (Week 52)

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I am 24 by 24 Dec, 24:00. Happy birthday to myself!

I tried Austria & Greek food on my birthday. Thanks for inviting me to dinner!

I always think of the condition of those poor child in rural China, when I am spending large some of $$ on food & unnecessity.

May be I should spend on 中國兒童助學發展計劃 instead next time. Only HK$100 per month would be enough for a kid to go to school.

2.5萬冊10天售罄 金融海嘯日本資本論漫畫熱賣 2008-12-27 明報 A22, 寰宇
真功夫第三百家直營店廣州開業 2008-12-26 大公報 B07, 城市資訊, 井欽閣
城大租美孚六伙作學生宿舍 2008-12-25 星島日報 A06, 港聞
飛鞋一夜成名 美伊搶訂購 2008-12-24 都市日報 P10, 國際
日麥當勞排長龍 疑造假 2008-12-27 香港經濟日報 A12, 國際動態
金融海嘯港大學生會勁蝕700萬元 2008-12-24 蘋果日報 A05, 港聞
「性愛晶片」 10年內面世 2008-12-22 文匯報 A14, 國際新聞


Happy birthday!
We have same day of birthday! haha.


Could I know your name?
I will just call you Mr. G. anyway.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

15/21-12-2008 讀報 (Week 51)

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2008-12-20 投資者日記, 曹仁超 :


東莞OK便利店全線執笠 2008-12-20 東方日報 A17, 港聞
毒奶事件後豆奶市場熱爆 2008-12-19 明報 B05, 財圈動感, 是日點睛
LED 街燈獲東莞市試用 2008-12-19 明報 B08, 企業創富
藝術基地—深圳大芬油畫村 2008-12-18 文匯報 C01, 副刊旅遊文化, 翹首振翅國泰人與您遊世界, 余似心
癡看:愛Cult片不愛媾女 2008-12-15 蘋果日報 E14, 潮流
富士康裁員10萬人震動長三角 2008-12-15 信報財經新聞 P04, 股市動態
Cult片經典 創打真軍四仔潮 2008-12-20 文匯報 A19, 國際新聞, 「深喉」解碼
Android成為中國手機新希望 2008-12-17 信報財經新聞 P37, 副刊, 解碼, 狄高
隆胸熱潮催生大碼胸圍 2008-12-21 文匯報 A13, 趣知廊
偷拍筆通街賣助長淫狼獵春光 2008-12-21 東方日報 A04, 探射燈
談霉豆腐做假論羅聞全仿真 2008-12-20 信報財經新聞 P10, 時事評論, 香島論叢, 練乙錚
內地富豪像螃蟹一紅就死 2008-12-17 信報財經新聞 P13, 兩岸消息

Book of the year 2008 from Economist.

Funny from Apple Daily:

OGC is UK Office of Government Commerce, here is more information.

The funniest thing is the comments from offical:
We concluded that the effect was generic to the particular combination of the letters 'OGC' - and is not inappropriate to an organisation that's looking to have a firm grip on government spend.


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

8/14-11/12-2008 讀報 (Week 50)

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New: (62/63/64/65th in 2008, 353th since 2005)
The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage
Alexandra Harney / Publisher: Penguin Press HC, The (March 27, 2008)
王国强 / 南海出版社 / 2008-7-1
Samuel Brunner、Detlef Koenig / 出版社:飛寶 / 出版日期:2008年07月10日
黃雅麗 / 經濟日報出版社

I have not buy any books for 3 weeks... I have been in China for nearly 2 weeks...

性愛超人自白書 2008-12-11 壹週刊 A056-060, 時事, 新聞耳目
創慳水種田法 浸大教授揚威入選《自然》雜誌「改變世界的五位農作物科學家」 2008-12-10 文匯報 A28, 南北直通車
寶麗萊菲林明年停產 2008-12-10 都市日報 P20, 財富
曹仁超:我不宜當老闆 2008-12-10 am730 M32,M33, 特寫
假狐狸攻陷港男 2008-12-11 壹週刊 A074-076, 時事, 壹號專題

Funny: Guinness Bottle Opener Baseball Cap for US$24.99


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Sunday, December 07, 2008

30/7-11/12-2008 讀報 (Week 49)

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性玩具大王:我唔係變態佬 2008-12-04 壹週刊 A070-072, 時事, 時事短打


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